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T Lif cage


T Lif cage


Product Code: B165


Size: 4,8, 11 degree and

        7,8,9,10,11 thickness

Expandable cage


Expandable cage


Product Code: B166 


 Length: 20x25 , 25x35 , 35x55 , 55x75

 Diameter: 12,14,16,18 mm

Eco Cage


Eco Cage


Product Code: B167.100


Diameter: 10 to 20(with 2 mm variation)

Size: Diameter * 20 to 70(with 5 mm variation)



P Lif Cage(Kidney Cage)


P Lif Cage (Kidney Cage)


Product Code: B170


Degree: 4,8 and 11.

Size: Degree * 7 mm to 11mm thickness


Cervical Disk Cage


Cervical Disk Cage


Product Code: B169.07


Size: 6/4,7/5,8/6,9/7

Rocket Cage


Rocket cage


Product Code:B172



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